I ordered on June 9th and received today on June 14th.  But how are you supposed to eat melted and damaged meat without ice?  Please refund!!



Order no. : 2021041404876

I got my order on 16th April without the last 2 items pls check the following image!

In this order I have ordered Premium lamb shoulders but you guys gave me lamb ribs which I don't like. And over that you guys made a correction by hand on the bill changing it. If  you  guys don't have my order just let me know instead of giving me something that I don't like and probably won't eat. Last few times there was missing items and now different things from my order. Even though I used to like Apik especially Khaled elshenawi but lately I can't trust you guys anymore. And I'm surry to give bad recommendations.


On the app it says that the shipping  is completed  but i have not received anything till this day? And i cannot track the shippment as i didn't get any notification regarding the shipping compnay's info ....so is there a way i can get an explanation? And if there is any issue with the order then is there a way to cancel it?

I would be very thankful for your help

Hello dear, I'm contacting you regarding the order Number 2021031988331

the FRESH SHORT BEEF RIBS 800g was missing, please check with this mistake and you can send me instead two palestinian thyme 1000g


How can I get registration on this site instead of kakaotalk and Facebook?

A: You can contact us on our instagram or face book pages  for any product you need.

A: the security of your personal data is important to us so , we have taken the reasonable measures to keep your personal data safe.

A: each transaction within thee app will entitle you to a bonus equivalent to 1~5 % of the purchase/ payment price

we offer to you the most high quality HALAL products in south korea everywhere.

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